What have you been baking?

У нас нет второго завтрака как в Англии, зато есть третий ужин))

What have you been baking?

Сообщение Donnieclark » Сб ноя 25, 2017 12:07 pm


I don't bake regularly, but when I do I like to show off my wares. I'm also interested in seeing the types of things the rest of you bake. Why not have a thread dedicated to baking like we have for meals?

I made two batches of breads today. First into the oven was a yeast dough, something many of you may be familiar with - Sally Lunn bread. We tried this bread decades ago the first time we visited Historical Williamsburg. Now that yeast and I are on sort of good terms, I thought I would try making a loaf. Seeing as how several of the recipes call for baking it in a bundt pan, I first had to buy one of those. Pan secured, Sally and I are now friends. This is the third time I've made it; finally getting the hang of everything.

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http://www.cookingbites.com/threads/wha ... king.9825/

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